Journey's End Trailer

The official trailer for the Autumn 2016 tour of Journey's End. R. C. Sherriff's World War One masterpiece.

March1918. “The war to end all wars”.

Anxiety builds in Captain Stanhope’s claustrophobic dugout as the threat of an imminent German attack looms over the battalion. As final orders are received, Stanhope must stir his men to overcome the uncertainty of the unknown, make the ultimate sacrifice and prepare to “go over the top” in a truly heart wrenching climax.

Journey’s End is a harrowing insight into the humanity of the First World War based on R. C. Sherriff’s own experiences in the trenches. Utterly compelling, this award-winning classic masterfully brings the courage, valour, humour and inescapable tragedy of warfare to the stage.

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Client: Immersion Theatre
Production Date: July 2016
Filmed and edited by Mindriot Productions
Video directed by Jon Randle & James Tobias Clifford
Music source: Audiojungle
Artwork: Dreamfly
Motion graphics: Mindriot Productions