Up Up & Away Trailer

Up Up and Away is an exciting new show from Highly Sprung Performance Company created specifically for the Physical Fellowship First Steps, May 2015 at Warwick Arts Centre.

The show is a new piece of children’s physical theatre by Highly Sprung, premiering as part of the Physical Fellowship First Steps- the UK’s only Physical Theatre Festival for children hosted by Warwick Arts Centre.

Everyone says Joe is ‘different’, that he doesn’t fit in. So when Joe is given the chance to float away into the sky above he doesn’t hesitate to go.

What awaits him in the sky are wonderful experiences and new friends that delight and inspire him... But more importantly Joe finds out about himself, how his differences make him more special than he ever imagined. Joe learns to believe in himself and learns that just being yourself sometimes makes you the best you can be!

Up, Up and Away draws on the successful collaboration between Vortex Creates and Highly Sprung in the creation of a new piece of work specifically for audiences of children and their adults.

Visit highlysprungperformance.co.uk for more information.

Client: Highly Sprung Performance Co.
Production by Jon Randle at Mindriot Productions
Music licence: Audiojungle.net
Tech info: Canon 5D, Lenses - Canon 50mm & 70-200mm 2.8, Gopro Hero 3+, Final Cut Pro, After Effects CS5, Red Giant Software's Colorista 2, Magic Bullet Looks.